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2025 NY-IRS CE 15 Hour - Advanced Topics Incl. IRAs, Rental Real Estate

2025 NY-IRS CE 15 Hour - Advanced Topics Incl. IRAs, Rental Real Estate


Our IRS approved 15 hour tax course contains 2 hours of ethics, 3 hours of updates and 10 hours of federal tax law. Our 10-Hour federal tax law class covers advanced topics including retirement, rental real estate, gift taxes, estates and trusts. Tax topics include estate and gift tax returns, the IRS appeals process, IRA and other pensions, rental income and expenses, abusive and frivolous tax schemes, (IRS Course #JK8E2-T-00160-22-S) and provides ten hours of CE credit. 

Platinum's 3-Hour federal tax updates class covers personal tax updates. Topics include fundamental inflationary changes that will be used to prepare tax returns (IRS course #JK8E2-U-00155-22-S) and provides three hours of CE credit. Platinum's 2-Hour ethics tax class covers ethical issues including practices and procedures involving the possession of tax records, understanding how to properly disclose fees charged for the preparation of taxes and understanding the definitions of when a tax practitioner is acting in a disreputable or incompetent manner (#JK8E2-T-00165-22-S) and provides two hours of CE credit. The first three combined classes will meet the 15-Hour IRS requirement for the minimum number of CE credit hours in order for you to participate in the Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) program. Upon completion of the course a certificate of completion will be awarded and your completion will be reported to the IRS. For information on the guidelines in order to participate in the AFSP program see IRS guidelines below.

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