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Notary Classes Statewide 

To purchase the Notary Class click the add to cart button below

Platinum Notary School offers notary classes statewide. To find out if we offer a notary class for your state click the add to cart button.

We accept Mastercard, Visa, and American Express via our secure connection.
If you are not completely satisfied with our notary class, we will offer you a full refund within thirty days of purchasing. No refunds given for group orders or to students who have completed more than one quiz or any of the final exams.
Platinum Notary School offers group discounts for three or more students. Call us at 877 315-1772 for more information. 

Our notary class is organized into three chapters. Questions throughout the course will help test your knowledge of the material presented.  Any missed questions are reviewed in detail.  A final 30 question exam at the end of the course will further test your knowledge of the entire subject matter.  You will also have access to print the Notary Public Handbook. provide you with the knowledge needed to excel as a Notary Public professional, at an affordable cost.  Click the link to learn more about your particular Notary Public State Requirement.

Course Organization

At checkout the student will create a login I.D. and password and have access to the course 24/7. The notary classes feature reading material that can be printed making it portable if you prefer to work offline. There will be a practice notary final exam at the end of the notary public class. The answers are submitted online and will be automatically graded. The student will receive a pass or fail grade on the final exam but the student will not be provided with an answer key or any feedback. The final exam must be completed with a passing grade of 70% or better in order to meet the requirement and receive a proof of completion.
The student has unlimited tries to pass the final exam. Discussion forums are available within the course. Our "Student Course Forum" is available to chat with other students in the same course and our "General Student Forum" is available to chat with students in all courses. The proof of completion can be printed by the student within the course and is also emailed to the student immediately following the successful completion of the course. The notary class is available to the student for one year upon purchasing. 

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