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Test your knowledge with our Free IRS Tax Training Question Bank

The IRS tax course is completely free, which means no payment information required. Best of all you will receive feedback on any missed questions and can return to the free tax course at your convenience within the six month duration of the tax class. It's that simple, get started today with your IRS tax preparation training.


Want to become an IRS AFSP Record of Completion Holder? Click here to learn more about how you can be part of the IRS Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP). By participating in the program you will receive a record a completion, be placed on the IRS's public directory of tax preparers, and have limited representation rights in the year of participation. Note, that this free IRS tax course will not qualify the student for the IRS's Annual Filing Season Program. 


Are You Ready to Test Your Knowledge?

The Free IRS Tax Course is provided to you for free by Platinum Tax School, a leader in tax return preparer education and will introduce you to information you need to know as a tax preparer. Our free income tax class consists of a total of 20 questions. Topics include getting started with the income tax return, who must file a tax return, estimated tax payments, and tax penalties. Our Tax School's current tax classes are based on the IRS' most recently available tax laws, forms and schedules. Note, that this free IRS online tax course will not qualify the student for the IRS' Annual Filing Season Program. Are you a first time Tax Preparer and live in California, Oregon or Maryland? Click the following links for the tax preparer class you will need to become a tax preparer: California | Maryland | Oregon. If you are a first time tax preparer and want to learn how to prepare taxes in any other state you can find the tax classes that will teach you how to become a tax preparer here. If you are interested in becoming an IRS AFSP Record of Completion Holder, click here to learn more about how you can be part of this program, receive a record of completion, and be placed in a public directory listing credentialed tax preparers.

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