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IRS 2024 PTIN renewal period underway for tax professionals

The Internal Revenue Service today reminded the nearly 800,000 active tax return preparers that they can take the first step in their filing season readiness by renewing their Preparer Tax Identification Numbers (PTINs) now.

Anyone who prepares or helps prepare a federal tax return or a claim for refund for compensation must have a valid PTIN from the IRS. They also need to include the PTIN as their identifying number on any return or claim for refund filed with the IRS. PTINs expire on December 31 of the calendar year for which they are issued. All 2023 PTINs will expire on Dec. 31, 2023.

The fee to renew or obtain a PTIN for 2024 is $19.75. The fee is set at $11 per application or renewal (plus an $8.75 fee payable to the third-party contractor). The PTIN fee is non-refundable. Failure to have and to use a valid PTIN may result in penalties. Paid tax return preparers with a PTIN expiring on Dec. 31, 2023, should use the online renewal process, which takes about 15 minutes to complete. A paper option, Form W-12, IRS Paid Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) Application and Renewal, along with the instructions, are also available for PTIN applications and renewals. However, the paper form can take approximately six weeks to process.

To renew a PTIN online:

  • Start at

  • Select the “Renew or Register” button.

  • Select “Log in” and enter the user ID and password to access the online PTIN system.

  • Select the “Renew my PTIN” button from the main menu.

Once completed, users will receive confirmation of their PTIN renewal.

The online system not only allows PTIN renewal, but tax return preparers can:

  • Check their continuing education.

  • View a summary of the number of filed returns on which their PTIN has appeared in the current year.

  • Receive communications through a secure mailbox from the IRS Return Preparer Office.

  • Track their progress for participation in the IRS Annual Filing Season Program.

First-time PTIN applicants can also apply for a PTIN online.

To apply for an initial PTIN online:

  • Start at

  • Select the “Renew or Register” button.

  • Select "Create an Account" and follow the prompts to complete the account setup process and obtain a temporary password.

  • Log in and follow the remaining steps to access the online PTIN system.

  • Select the “Register for a PTIN” button from the main menu.

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