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2014 IRS Tax Return Preparer Prep Course

Our IRS Tax Preparer Prep Tax Course (currently called the Other Tax Return Preparer (OTRP) Course) will prepare you to obtain the tax knowledge needed to prepare Individual Tax Returns including small business.  In addition, Platinum is the only company to offer state supplements to further enhance your education. It doesn't get better than this.  

IRS Tax Preparer Requirements

Currently, due to a court order on January 18th, 2013,  the IRS does not require tax preparers to pass the IRS Competency exam.  The IRS has appealed this decision and we are waiting for further information.

About the IRS Tax Preparer Prep Tax Course

The IRS Tax Preparer Prep Tax Course covers wages and small business 1040 tax returns including forms 1040EZ, 1040A, 1040 (long form), personal tax return schedules and other common tax return forms including the Small Business Schedule C.  The course specifically covers Preliminary Work and Collection of Taxpayer Data, Treatment of Income and Assets, Deductions and Credits, Other Taxes, Completion of the Filing Process, Practices and Procedures, and Ethics. Links to the reading material for each of the ten quizzes are conveniently located in the introduction to each quiz with an option to open it up to a new window and/or print it out.  A series of 355 quiz review questions will guide you so that you will become proficient with the IRS' terminology, guidelines, and procedures.  A final exam of 75 exam questions will be given at the end of the course. The tax course also includes a comprehensive tax return exercise. Current courses are based on the IRS' most recently available tax laws, forms and schedules. Most students should expect to complete the questions and exercise within 60 hours. You can also return to the course and review the questions and reading material up to six months from registration date.  All this will provide you the knowledge to excel as a tax professional at an affordable cost. We provide all students with tax updates throughout the year on our Platinum Blog site.

State Supplements 

Want to add a state supplement? Boost your federal tax law knowledge by adding a state supplement to your tax education curriculum. This course includes not only the basics such as forms, filing status, dependents, exemptions and deductions, but also adds taxable and nontaxable state income, credits, adjustments to income, deductions and business income. In addition, students will learn specific state tax laws regarding issues like part-year and nonresident issues, community property rules, and domestic partners.

The following states are now available; Arizona, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania,Tennessee, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Vermont. There are nine states with no state tax. They are Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming.

Remember, Platinum Professional Services offers automatic grading, feedback on your missed questions, and reading material conveniently located within each tax course. We even offer full instructor support. The course is available to you six months upon registration. Learn 24/7, online and at your own pace. Best of all, your Certificate of Completion is emailed to you immediately following the successful completion of the tax course. Platinum will then report your completion electronically to IRS.

With Platinum Professional Services there is no confusion, only a direct path to success. Feel free to discover the most proficient way to deepen your education and be efficient, all while saving you time and money. Here at Platinum Professional Services, we make it easy for you without any added obstacles. Everyone wants to simplify their life and finally, we have the way.

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2014 IRS Tax Return Preparer Prep Tax Course

Price: $118.00

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