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This IRS tax course is for tax preparers who are considered non-exempt by the IRS. The tax course is available to you for 6 months from the date of purchase. Note: In order to participate in the IRS Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) you must complete the 18 hour course by December 31st, regardless of your course expiration date.

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If you are not completely satisfied with our course, we will offer you a full refund within thirty days of purchasing. No refunds given for group orders or to students who have completed more than one quiz or any of the final exams.


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Our IRS approved 18 hour - Personal Income Tax Return w/ AFTR tax course contains 2 hours of ethics, 6 hours of AFTR and 10 hours of federal tax law. Our 10-Hour federal tax law tax class covers the personal income tax return including proper completion of Form 1040 and related schedules and forms. Tax topics include the determination of taxable income, adjustments to income, identifying eligible tax credits and calculating total tax liability (IRS course #JK8E2-T-00153-21-S) and provides ten hours of CE credit. 

Our IRS approved 18 hour - Small Business, Depreciation and Additional Tax Topics w/ AFTR tax course contains 2 hours of ethics, 6 hours of AFTR and 10 hours of federal tax law. Our 10-Hour federal tax law class covers small business tax and depreciation including proper completion of Schedule C, business income and expenses, and depreciation - IRS Form 4562. The tax class also covers additional tax topics such as abusive tax schemes and frivolous tax returns (IRS Course #JK8E2-T-00152-21-S) and provides ten hours of CE credit.

Our IRS approved 18 hour - Business Entities Including Partnerships and Corporations with AFTR course contains 2 hours of ethics, 6 hours of AFTR and 10 hours of federal tax law. Our 10-Hour federal tax law class covers business entities and depreciation. Tax topics include proper completion of Partnerships, C and S Corporations related tax schedules and forms including Form 1065, 1120, and 1120s and Schedule C. (IRS course #JK8E2-T-00151-21-S), and provides ten hours of CE credit.

Our IRS approved 18 hour - Advanced Topics Retirement, Rental Real Estate, Gift Taxes, Estates and Trusts with AFTR tax course contains 2 hours of ethics, 6 hours of AFTR and 10 hours of federal tax law. Our 10-Hour federal tax law class covers advanced topics including retirement, rental real estate, gift taxes, estates and trusts. Tax topics include estate and gift tax returns, the IRS appeals process, IRA and other pensions, rental income and expenses, abusive and frivolous tax schemes, (IRS Course #JK8E2-T-00150-21-S) and provides ten hours of CE credit.

Platinum's 2-Hour ethics tax class covers ethical issues for the tax practitioner including practices and procedures involving the possession of tax records, understanding how to properly disclose fees charged for the preparation of taxes and understanding the definitions of when a tax practitioner is acting in a disreputable or incompetent manner, (IRS course #JK8E2-E-00140-21-S) and provides two hours of ethics CE credit. Platinum's 6-Hour Annual Federal Tax Refresher Course covers IRS required subjects divided into three domains.  Domain 1: New Tax Law and Recent Updates. Domain 2: General Review.  Domain 3: Ethics, Practices and Procedures (IRS Course #JK8E2-A-00136-20-S). The three combined courses will meet the IRS requirement in order for you to participate in the Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) program. Upon completion of the course a certificate of completion will be awarded and your completion will be reported to the IRS. For information on the guidelines in order to participate in the AFSP program see IRS guidelines below.

Course Organization

At checkout the student will create a login I.D. and password and have access to the course 24/7. The course is presented in an online E-Book format making the reading material portable if they prefer to work offline. Each reading assignment is then followed by a one or two part quiz presented in a multiple choice format. A series of quiz review questions will guide you so that you will become proficient with the IRS's terminology, guidelines, and procedures and test your understanding of key topics. The answers are submitted online and will be automatically graded. The student will be provided with important feedback and answer key to all quiz questions. Once all of the quizzes are completed, the student will then need to complete a final exam that will review all of the topics covered. The student will receive a pass or fail grade on the final exam but, unlike the quizzes, the student will not be provided with an answer key or any feedback (to comply with IRS guidelines regarding final testing). All the final exam(s) must be completed with a passing grade of 70% or better in order to receive a certificate of completion and meet the 18 hour CE requirement in order to participate in the AFSP program.

The student has unlimited tries to pass the quizzes and the final exam(s)*. (Note that the completion of the quizzes is not mandatory). Discussion forums are available within the course. Our "Student Course Forum" is available to chat with other students in the same course and our "General Student Forum" is available to chat with students in all courses. The certificate of completion can be printed by the student within the course and is also emailed to the student immediately following the successful completion of the course. Course completions are then reported to the IRS and, if applicable, to CTEC by Platinum Professional Services. The tax course is available to the student for six months upon registration. Our current courses are based upon the IRS's most recently available tax laws, forms, and schedules. We provide all students with tax updates throughout the year on our Platinum Blog site (*Note: The 6 hour AFTR course is limited to 6 attempts).