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2018 CTEC Registered Tax Return Preparer Course - In Lieu of Experience

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2018 CTEC Registered Tax Return Preparer Course - In Lieu of Experience

Price: $72.00

In order to obtain the California Registered Tax Preparer (CRTP) designation you will need to successfully complete our CTEC - In Lieu of Experience Course which will allow you to to prepare tax returns for compensation in California. Platinum Professional Services, Inc., has been approved by the California Tax Education Council (CTEC) to offer Continuing Education Courses that count as credit towards the annual "continuing education" requirement imposed by the State of California for CTEC Registered Tax Preparers (CRTPs). A listing of additional requirements to register as a tax preparer may be obtained by contacting CTEC at P.O. Box 2890, Sacramento, CA 95812-2890, toll free by phone at (877)850-2832, or on the internet at .

CTEC CRTP Requirements

The California Tax Education Council (CTEC) will consider "a minimum of two recent years experience in the preparation of personal income tax returns" to determine if an individual has achieved "the equivalent of the required qualifying education".  To qualify for this exemption your experience must fall into one of the following categories.

Please note if you are not in compliance in California (Tax Preparer in California practicing without CTEC certification) he/she will not be eligible.

1) Have been a Certified Public Accountant, Enrolled Agent, or Attorney for at least the last two years. In this case you will need to provide a “copy” of the license or certification for confirmation regardless of the state of issuance.

2) Have been EMPLOYED by a Certified Public Accountant, Enrolled Agent, or Attorney for at least the last two years. In this case you will submit a letter from your employer on company letterhead confirming both their own license or certification and your employment status. The letter should indicate that you have met the requirements for the experience in lieu of education application and elaborate on your tax preparation experience.

3) Have been a tax preparer in another state for at least the last two years. In order to provide proof of this, since most other states do not regulate tax preparers, we ask that you provide letters from a few of your clients indicating that you have prepared their taxes over the past years and confirming your tax preparation experience. You may also submit a letter from an employer stating your employment as a tax preparer. (see further requirements below for out of state applicants*).

*Please keep in mind that if you are coming from out of state (as a tax preparer, CPA, EA or Attorney), you are only exempt from having to take the 45-hour federal portion of the 60-hour qualifying education requirement. You still MUST complete the 15-hour California Qualifying Education requirement offered.

About the CTEC RTRP Course - In Lieu of Experience

The CTEC tax course the California Franchise Tax Board form 540.  Links to the reading material for each of the four quizzes consisting of 25 to 45 questions each are conveniently located in the introduction to each quiz.  The reading material can be printed out, saved to your computer or flash drive, or can be left opened in a separate window on your computer screen for easy reference while you are taking the quiz. You can also return to the course and review the questions and reading material up to six months from registration date. All this will provide you with the knowledge to excel as a tax professional at an affordable cost. The Course meets the 2017-18 tax season qualifying education requirements. Current courses are based upon the IRS' most recently available tax laws, forms, and schedules. We provide all students with tax updates throughout the year on our Platinum Blog site.

Please Note:

In order to obtain the CRTP designation you will need to successfully complete our 15 Hour Qualifying State Only Tax Course (CTEC # 2052-CA-0008) and be approved by CTEC to obtain credit for your prior experience as a tax preparer. If you have not already done so, review the requirements at the CTEC site. If you do not meet these requirements you will need to purchase and complete Platinum Professional Studies' CTEC 60 Hour Qualifying Course.

Remember, Platinum’s Online Tax School offers automatic grading, feedback on your missed questions, and reading material conveniently located within each tax course. No need to download anything and you have unlimited tries to pass the quizzes and final exam(s). Our tax courses are available to you for six months (180 days) upon purchase and will expire after the six month term.  Please note:  Enrolled Agent review courses and Notary courses expire after one year. Learn 24/7, online and at your own pace. Best of all, your Certificate of Completion is emailed to you immediately following the successful completion of the tax course. Platinum will then report your completion electronically to IRS and CTEC so that you can be assured of remaining in compliance as a CTRP.

With Platinum Professional Services there is no confusion, only a direct path to success. Feel free to discover the most proficient way to deepen your education and be efficient, all while saving you time and money. Here at Platinum Professional Services, we make it easy for you without any added obstacles. Everyone wants to simplify their life and finally, we have the way.
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